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Recruitment position

One: Customer service consultation/salesman 3-5
1. Online is mainly responsible for the consultation and sales of the 1688 platform and the Alibaba international station platform Offline is mainly responsible for the development of new customers and the maintenance of old customers

2. Have certain work experience

3. Can communicate and communicate with customers proficiently

4. Patience, responsibility, self-motivated


Two: 2-3 mechanical professional technicians

1. Draw equipment assembly drawings, parts drawings and equipment material Bom according to customer needs
2. Basically use CAD, SOLIDWORKS, inventor and other software to compile product specifications and guide relevant personnel to install and debug
3. Understand the knowledge of tolerance fit and basic common sense of technical measurement, master the knowledge of mechanical drawing, mechanical parts, mechanical principle and structural design
4. Major in mechanical design and automation, can be a fresh graduate

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Fax: 86-21-67826933
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